Anser Decoy Windsock Body Bags

Windsock decoy bodies made in USA. Built with DuPont Tyvek and oversized grommets, flat UV inks, crush proof collar, nylon thread at 8 stitches per inch and drain holes in belly panel.

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Anser Decoy windsock body bags are made in the USA. Our decoy bodies are built with DuPont 1443R GradeTyvek and oversized grommets. Flat UV inks virtually eliminate glare on sunny days.  Our crush proof collar will spring open year after year even after being stored for long periods of time.  It has a wide range of operating temperatures so it won’t matter if you are storing them in a hot shed in hot summer temps or a trailer in the bitter cold winter months.  Because it will spring open symmetrically, it will collect those light breezes to give you great movement in the rig and also remain stable in high winds eliminating the “thrash” effect. Nylon thread sewed at 8 stitches per inch resists rot and minimizes blowouts and panel separations. Drain holes in belly panel are set a bit farther back than the competition to drain properly even if the decoy tilts in high winds.  100% made with American material and labor to be BETTER in the long run!


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