Chase PeeveyArkansas

These decoys I bought from you folks are awesome.  Those SideKicks just wow!  I will have a whole spread of Ansers by next season.  Just awesome!

Kenny SandersonKansas

What we have here is the RIGHT STUFF for killing Specks!

John WardnerNorth Dakota

Anser Decoys have taken windsocks to the next level!  They provide the look and performance of full bodies without the bulk and hassle during transportation and storage.  In the Prairie Pothole Region, we sometimes tear down and set up twice a day.  Ansers give us the extra time to scout and stay on birds.  I have used every windsock decoy on the market and Ansers are the best looking, highest performing, most durable of them all.

Jonathan OlsonNorth Dakota

Anser Decoys are a realistic and effective decoy for hunting Snow Geese. I would highly recommend the purchase of Anser Decoys to any avid Snow Goose hunter.

Brian Klein Wisconsin

I love Anser Decoys.  Many features that set Anser above the competition, including collar design, durability, weight, and overall design.  These decoys come to life, they move great, and simply kill geese.  I also love that fact that they are made right here in the USA. –

Andy DomschMissouri

We received the following comments from a customer in Missouri.  Comments like these, especially from a fellow Service member, are truly special.  Thanks Andy!

On decoys, I think most every snow goose hunter has eventually arrived at the conclusion a sock is a sock is a sock. When I was approached by Anser; beyond the notion of a QUALITY decoy 100% made in America, I was skeptical about there truly being anything “revolutionary” about another sock decoy. It is important to note here I was encouraged by the owners to give the decoys intentional and rigorous abuse and provide them with brutally honest feedback. I took that with a grain of salt and had no idea how blown away I was about to be.

My satisfaction and amazement with the decoys began with the assembly of my first dozen. Is there a better choice for blend factor of a stake in any cut agricultural field or pasture than tan fiberglass? The short answer is no. Handle assembly was simple and easy; so simple I was sure I could break a few before I even had decoys put together. Try as I may, pulling, yanking, and trying to tap the T-handles back off the stakes with the mallet I’d put them on with, they didn’t budge. As the season went on I lost zero handles, I had zero decoys pull apart. I’ve never had a season since 1999 that I didn’t bend, break, or tear something at the point of attachment for body and stake. The detail of the bags is apparent in pictures, but to see them up close and personal was truly a thing to behold. The ultra flat paint is just that, it lets off no glare and I can assure you the geese agreed the appearance was to die for. Also noteworthy is the fact that absolutely none of the bags were torn/ blown out from high winds. That is in large part due to the shape and contoured edges of the backbones which are literally a snap to put on the stakes. As simple as the rubber tubing may be to hold that and the bag up (even during some ridiculously harsh driving winds and snow I found out), it has enough give to prevent decoy loss to breakage in the event collisions with birds, eager dogs, and clumsy hunters. “No crush” collars certainly has the ring of a gimmick, but again the proof was in the pudding. I travel light and pack as tight as any and despite being crammed tighter than I would’ve ever considered packing other brands, even on low wind days, the collars assume their intended shape as soon as they’re pulled free from the bunch. That doesn’t mean generally round, or round in the academic sense. That means a perfect 360 degrees which means you don’t have a spread of shriveled ass on low and no wind days.

Sidekicks are truly a game changer. They give dimension to a spread that was previously unattainable without full bodies. I’ve never seen a flock of live geese all facing the exact same way, I don’t expect many (the least of which, flocks that we try to decoy) have either. Imagine a decoy with inlet placement that allows it to sit perpendicular to the direction of the wind and add a feeder head with amazing detail. Now imagine what several dozen of those mixed in with your standard headed or headless decoys would do for realism.

Bottom line, this is a bad ass, tough, great looking line of decoys at a more than fair price and they’re made in America. That’s a pretty simple equation if you ask me.

Dan NilesKansas

Great deal with spring snows around the corner, why not go with the best windsock on the market!!!!

Sam HaagIllinois

I just got my shipment of decoys yesterday. what an amazing product you have. I cant wait to show these off. I think every snow goose hunter will want these in their spread.

Bob BaldwinNew York

Put to together 10 dozen of The ANSER Decoys this weekend; very impressed with quality, appearance and especially the Sidekick. If your hunting snows you owe it to yourself to check them out.