The Anser Decoy

The Anser Decoy Company provides hunters with the trifecta in windsock decoys – durability, quality and realism – even better, they are made in the USA!   Our decoys offer many features that are both goose appealing and hunter friendly.   A special ink recipe not only bonds well to the Tyvek bodies but is extremely flat to eliminate glare and our high resolution details add true realism.  Our stay-open, crush-proof collars not only help maximize wind gathering on those low wind days, they keep the body wide on no-wind days, and better yet gather wind evenly on high wind days that virtually eliminate the ‘death thrash’ by providing just a tail-bounce in winds up to 50mph or more .  Our standard decoys also feature a fixed, unbreakable back support.  We can provide collapsable back supports upon request for hunters who  which find storage space an issue whether on a trip or in the off-season. Tan fiberglass stakes blend in to ground conditions and realistic, hand painted ABS heads are molded with a UV modifier to resist damage and yellowing from the sun.  (black stakes are available upon request)

Our patented “SideKick” decoys are the first windsocks to ride perpendicular to the wind direction allowing the wind sock hunter the ability to get the look of a full body decoy spread without all the expense, weight, storage, transport and setup issues associated with a full body rig.  The SideKick is truly revolutionary in wind sock hunting and mixed with standard wind sock decoys will add a great degree of realism to any hunters spread and will display much more movement than full body decoys.